The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Shadowy Forestmore
Given by Silviu Dimir, at the Dimir Farm
Where in zone 1074.6 1093.4 y 34.3 3130


Tier 1
  1. Learn how the Dimirs run their farm.
    • Butchering notes on table inside the barn.
    • Destroy the power generator.
      • South side of the building south of Dimir 1077.1 1056.9 y 34.7 3130 (slightly south of centre of target circle)
    • Destroy the meat grinder.
      • Shack south of the houses south of Dimir 1098.5 1033.7 y 34.3 3130 (south end of target circle)
    • Destroy the Dimirs' chainsaw.
      • On tree stump east of the houses 1131.0 1087.6 y 37.4 3130 (east end of target circle)
    • Find and take the sedative used on the ghouls.
      • A table on the second floor of the house south of Dimir 1082.8 1067.1 y 40.6 3130 (centre of the target circle)
Tier 2
    • Find the barn where they keep the bait.
    • Put sedatives in the troughs. (3 of them)
    • Destroy pig totems. (5 of them)
Tier 3
    • Kill Totemic Cankermouths. (4 of them)
    • Kill Feral Cankermouths. (10 of them)
Tier 4
  1. Kill the ghoul leader.
    • All the way east in the canyon. 1262.4 1042.2 y 68.7 3130


  • 20000 Pax romanaSequin of transylvania.
  • Glyph reward bag

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