The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (not repeatable)
Starting zone Kingsmouth Townmore
How to start Sandy "Moose" Jansen
Where in zone (195, 350)
Required mission(s) Purchase dlc "A Piece of the Road"

Steps Edit

Tier 1
  1. Objective: Examine the bike
    • Head around the police station to the back, where a bike sits beside a dumpster at (180,335).
  2. Objective: Get on the bike
    • Use the Piecemeal Chopper to hop on board. If you are for some reason kicked off of your bike, you have a minute to climb back on.
  3. Objective: Exit the sheriff’s station
    • Chug along on your slow little frankenstein’s bike to the nearest exit (225,335) and roll out.
  4. Objective: Reach Edgar at the scrap yard
    • As soon as you make it out of the station, Moose gives you a little call and tells you to make your way to Edgar so he can fix up the bike a little. There are lovely red arrows helping to direct you there as well as stop signs at any wrong turn. Head straight down the road until you get to Edgar’s Scrapyard (605,665). An enormous red beacon helps mark the spot.
    • Sometimes the bike will backfire and zombies will come out to assault you. Kill them and hop on your bike before the minute timer runs out.


Tier 2
  1. Objectives: Find Fuel Pump Lubricant. Find New Exhaust.
    • The lubricant and exhaust are both in the massive piles of trash in the scrapyard.
    • Fuel pump lubricant sits inside of a mostly empty shipping container (660,690).
    • Going straight inside, the new exhaust can be found rotting in a box (605,715).
  2. Objective: Repair the Bike.
    • Return to the entrance of the scrapyard where you left your bike (610,665) and use the piecemeal chopper to make it slightly less of a mess.
  3. Objective: Pick Up the Bike.
    • As soon as you get on the bike, you will receive Quickened Anima, upgrading your Sprint to Sprint V.
Tier 3
  1. Objective: Go to the Airport.
    • Follow the handy signs until you reach the airport.
    • Go to the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport at a lone lamp between warehouses (720,815).
  2. Objectives: Find parts for an engine upgrade. Find bottle of nitro.
    • Both items can be found in the building to the left of where you deposited the chopper.
    • The parts for an engine upgrade are left abandoned in the far end of the building (735,740) by a shelf and the Pumpomatic T-500.
    • The bottle of nitro is on the other side of the building closer to the door (720,800) near another shelf.
  3. Objective: Upgrade the Bike.
  4. Objective: Pick Up the Bike.
    • Zoom. You are the fastest now.


5000 Pax romana. Frankenchopper vehicle.

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