Abilities are what players can unlock on the ability wheel and then inter-change as they progress in the world. Players can only have fourteen abilities available to them at any one time, seven active and seven passive, but have the option to change which abilities they use as long as they are outside of combat. Decks, suggested build paths, will be available to give players an idea of where to start with ability point allocation. There are 10 decks available for each faction. Player-created builds can be saved to allow abilities and associated gear to be swapped at the same time.

All abilities are unique instead of just being more powerful forms of other abilities. They will scale with gear.


Abilities are acquired by using ability points that are awarded with experience, which can be done by completing missions, defeating enemies, exploring, crafting, and PvP. New abilities can be purchased at outposts and at the faction headquarters; abilities deeper in a cell have increased cost and purchase restrictions exist.

An individual player can learn all of the abilities available to them, based on faction; this process is expected to be lengthy. No abilities will be mutually exclusive to each other.

Characters are able to test all of the basic abilities available to them in their faction's training room, once you leave the training room, the ability is purchased. Once abilities are purchased they cannot be refunded.

Certain faction abilities are obtained through routes other than experience gain; these abilities are primarily non-combat.



Abilities that are active must be triggered to be used and have a cool-down period. Active abilities may be "builders" or "exploiters" or cause either the target or the player to go into a state.


Builders are abilities that create resources, up to a maximum of five for each, which can then be consumed by other abilities called finishers. When players build a resource, they will build it for both weapons they are holding. Therefore, if they are using one melee weapon and one ranged weapon, and use a ranged builder ability, they will have gained one focus on their target and one momentum on themselves.


Finishers are abilities that consume resources in return for special abilities that do more damage.


Passive abilities are always active on the player while equipped and they may interact with active abilities or improve base skill abilities.


Elite abilities appear at the end of a cell in the ability wheel. All skills above the elite ability must be purchased in order to obtain it. Elites are stronger skills that reward the player for specializing in a certain ability line. Only one active and one passive elite can be equipped at once.

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