The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Savage Coastmore
Given by Red, inside Red's Bait and Tackle
Where in zone 152.6 868.0 y 135.3 3040


Tier 1
  1. Kill 5 Ak'ab Stalkers.
Tier 2
  1. Follow the trail into the forest.
  2. Stop the attacking ak'ab.
    • Three waves, then Tenebrous Brood Ravager.
Tier 3
  1. Find an ak'ab nest.
Tier 4
  1. Enter the cave.
Tier 5
  1. Escort Ami as she searches the cave.
  2. Defend Ami while she destroys the nest.
    • Four waves, then Tenebrous Brood Queen. All coming from the east.
  3. Escort Ami safely to the cave exit.


  • 20000 Pax romanaBlack bullion.
  • QL5 Luck talisman, "Wampum".


  • This missions brings you to the Lair of Darkness where you can pick up the Another Bug Hunt mission.
  • Wabanaki lore #6 is also inside Lair of Darkness.

Video GuideEdit

The Secret World - Ami's Legend - Lair of Darkness (solo instance)21:43

The Secret World - Ami's Legend - Lair of Darkness (solo instance)

Ami's Legend - Lair of Darkness

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