Secret Society Illuminati
Weapons Hammer, Shotgun
Role Damage

The Bodyguard is a both an offensive powerhouse and a defensive tower of strength. He wields Hammers and Shotguns to handle large groups of enemies at a time. While wading through swarms of monsters his great ability to weaken enemies and Block incoming attacks keeps him safe, and he wreaks havoc among his foes with strong Blast attacks.

The Deck offers good survivability and great area damage. It is a good choice if you plan on fighting alone against groups of monsters. The Bodyguard can also do very well in player versus player combat. Being able to leap quickly onto groups of other players, hitting all of them at once while staying alive with strong defenses, is a good strategy for a frontline fighter.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Fire and Forget: A Shotgun Blast attack which hits several targets in a column in front of you. Builds one Resource for each weapon.

No Mercy: A Hammer Blast attack which hits several targets in a column in front of you. This attack will automatically critically hit if you have recently killed another target. Consumes all Hammer Resources.

Both Barrels: A Shotgun Blast attack which hits several targets in a cone in front of you. Consumes all Shotgun Resources.

Beatdown: A Hammer attack which hits one target, Impairs it for a few seconds and knocks it down.

Touchdown: A Hammer ability which makes you leap fifteen meters through the air and hit several targets around you.

Stonewalled: A Hammer ability which greatly increases your Block chance for a several seconds.

Unstoppable Force: An Elite Hammer ability. You increase in size, increase your maximum health, become immune to crowd control effects and greatly increase your Block chance for several seconds.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Blast Corps: All Blast abilities apply an affect which makes your targets take extra damage the next time they are hit.

Improved Blasts: All your Blast abilities cause the target hit to become Weakened with an effect which causes it to do less damage for several seconds. This effect can stack up to ten times.

Tenderizing: Each time you hit a Weakened target it takes an extra hit for extra damage.

Stone Cold: Reduces the cool down on Stonewalled.

Gunsmoke: Whenever you apply a Weakened effect to a target, that target takes extra damage.

Bullheaded: Whenever you hit a target with a Blast ability you gain a stacking protection effect. This effect can stack up to ten times, and gives you better magical and physical mitigation.

Forged in Fire: You regenerate 40% of your health over ten seconds if you drop beneath 50% of your hitpoints. This effect can only happen once every seventy five seconds.

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