Players have two weapon slots. Each one can hold any one of the nine different weapon classes, the only restriction is that you can't carry two of the same class weapon.

Each weapon your character has equipped allows your character access to that weapon's abilities. These abilities are unlocked with AP.

Each weapon has skill ranks which allow the player to use weapons and talismans of higher quality levels. These skills are unlocked with SP.

Melee Edit

Fists - Fist weapons allow both furious destructive power and healing potential

Blades - Wielded in styles and techniques from across the ages, blades are melee weapons strong in both attack and defense.

Hammer - The heavy-hitting blunt weapon of choice in the Secret World, hammers apply great force at close range.

Ranged Edit

Pistols - Dual pistols are medium-ranged magical firearms with a wide variety of unique tricks.

Shotgun - The shotgun is a medium-range weapon that provides great utility for engaging multiple enemies.

Assault Rifle - Assault rifles are high-powered ranged weapons with an occult twist, offering strong support options

Magic Edit

Elementalism - As mush a fringe science as magic, elementalism manipulates and exploits elemental forces to punishing effect.

Blood Magic - Blood magic is the realm of sickness and prevention, both ancient and modern - but always hungry.

Chaos - Chaos is a volatile magic that can turn the fortune of the battlefield and create weapons out of thought.


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