"Unknowable instigator of change, through quiet violence they create tiny ripples that grow into sweeping tsunamis."


Secret world dragon HQ
A whisper of a rumor of a shadow, this Asian group is the most secretive of societies. With no fixed territory or structure, the Dragon have dissolved and reformed through out history. They believe a controlled society is a sick society. Only through collapse and rebuilding, the natural chaos of life, can the world be in harmony. Recently they have taken root in a nameless district in Seoul, Korea.

To an outsider, their strategies are incomprehensible. Fractal patterns, chaos theory, random numbers, and unrelated events. The Dragon understand there is no pattern, only acts of great change to be committed. From whispers to an explosion, they divine that an incident here, a disappearance there, can change the course of everything; acupunture applied to a paralysed planet.


The Dragon

The Dragon