Typing /help will bring up a list of emotes.


/act message

/afk [status] | [afkmessage]

/alias [aliasname [command {parameters}]]



/aseval expression






/cabal (create cabalname) | (rename newname) | (invite [name]) | promote | demote | (remove [name]) | leave | message

/cabalsay message



/ch channel

/chat (join channel [password]) | (leave [channel]) | (list [channel]) | (ban channel name) | (unban channel name) | (topic [channel] [topic]) | (deop channel name) | (op channel name) | (mute channel name) | (unmute channel name) | (kick channel name [comment]) | (password channel (remove password) | password) | (mode channel mode [parameter])



/chsay channel message


























/Dragon message


/emote emotename | description



/friend (add [name]) | (remove [name])


/g message

/gearmanager (save name) | (delete name) | (rename oldname newname) | (use name) | list

/General message



/group message

/gu message




/help [command]

/ignore [playername]

/invite [playername]

/invitetoraid [playername]




/loadclip flashfilepath

/logcombat enable


/LookingforGroup message





/me message



/MissionHints message




/option optionname [value]










/r replymessage

/ra create | message

/raid create | message

/raidinvite [playername]

/reloadclip flashfilepath

/reloadhotkeys [reset]


/reply replymessage





/s message


/say message







/setoption optionname [value]

/shout message














/stagesay message






/t charactername message



/target playername

/tell charactername message


/text textmessage


/Trade message

/unloadclip flashfilepath

/v message

/w charactername message



/whisper charactername message

/who playername






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