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The Secret World mission information
Mission type Story Story mission (not repeatable)
Faction Dragon
Starting zone Seoulmore
How to start Starts automatically after Black Sun, Red Sand is completed


Tier 1
  1. Report to Bong Cha (Dragon faction).
  2. Find a player of games.
  • Where do koreans love to play?
Tier 2
  1. Go to the Orochi complex in Seoul.
Tier 3
  1. Find the server room.
  2. Disable the security system.
  • Jumpety jump. Sprint is baaad.
  1. Access the computer.
Tier 4
  1. Get the files from the laboratory.
  2. Steal the superintendent's keycard.
  3. Get the superintendent out of his office.
  • A microwave oven? hmmm...
Tier 5
  1. Steal the superintendent's keycard.
  2. Access the laboratory and get the file.
  3. Escape the complext without being caught.
Tier 6
  1. Find Kang Ye-Jin.
Tier 7
  1. Report to Bong-Cha (Dragon faction).
Tier 8
  1. Travel to Transylvania through Agartha.


No rewards.

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