The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Blue Mountainmore
Given by Sarge, at military camp
Where in zone 439.3 229.8 y 147.3 3050


Tier 1
  1. Study the tactical map.
  2. Locate the Sasquatch Glade
Tier 2
  1. Make contact with the Sasquatch Chief
    • Target/click
  2. Search the area that the Sasquatch Chief indicated.
    • Click one of the Ak'ab cocoons.
Tier 3
  1. Enter the cave.
  2. Explore the Ak'ab Abyss
    • Kill 7 Nubilous Brood Feeders
    • Free 7 sasquatch victims
Tier 4
  1. Destroy the giant ak'ab cocoon near the cave entrance.
  2. Kill the Nubilous Brood Premature Queen
Tier 5
  1. Return to the Sasquatch Chief.
    • Target/click.


  • 13330 Pax romanaSequin of solomon island.
  • QL5 head talisman, "Soldier's Blood".

Video GuideEdit

The Secret World - Enemy of My Enemy - Ak'ab Abyss (Solo Instance)00:00

The Secret World - Enemy of My Enemy - Ak'ab Abyss (Solo Instance)

Enemy of My Enemy

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