Templar exorcist male
Secret Society Templars
Weapons Blood Magic, Fist
Role Healing

The Exorcist uses both Blood Magic and Fist Weapons, but purely for healing purposes. He can not only rescue those in danger with powerful healing spells, but can also sacrifice some of his own health to heal his entire team at once. Everyone will breathe easier with an Exorcist at their side, because he can continuously give himself and his allies protective barriers and heal-over-time effects.

The Deck is excellent for team play, as it is purely made for healing. The Exorcist can do no damage on its own, but has strong protective and healing abilities which benefit the entire team. The Deck is very good when facing strong opponents, such as dungeon bosses, because it has good powers for healing both single targets and groups of allies.

Templar Blood Heal Deck Name

Female Exorcist

Active AbilitiesEdit

Linked Veins: A Blood Magic Chain ability which heals and places a Barrier, which absorbs some incoming damage, on several friendly targets in an area around you. Builds one Blood Magic Resource.

Cauterise: A Fist ability which heals and gives a heal-over-time effect which lasts for a few seconds on your defensive target. This effect can stack up to three times. Builds one Fist Resource.

Creature Comfort: A Fist ability which gives your defensive target a heal-over-time effect which lasts for several seconds. You also gain an effect which gives you a heal the next time you use a Fist Consumer ability. Consumes all Fist Resources.

Angelic Aegis: A Blood Magic ability which heals and places a Barrier, which absorbs some incoming damage, on your defensive target. Consumes three Blood Magic Resources. Can be powered by your own health.

Vigour: A Fist ability which places an effect in a targeted area. This effect will last several seconds and will heal several friendly targets in the area each second.

Infusion: A Blood Magic ability which removes a Barrier from yourself and makes the next Barrier placed on you absorb extra damage. Builds three Blood Magic Resources.

Cold Blooded: A Blood Magic Elite ability which is channeled for a few seconds to do several hits. Each of the hits do damage to you equal to 3% of your maximum health, and all team members receive a heal and a Barrier, which absorbs some incoming damage. During the channel you take considerably less damage from other attacks.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Splatter: All your Chain attacks can affect more targets.

Angel’s Touch: The ability Angelic Aegis heals for a higher amount on targets below 50% health.

Sanguineous: Whenever you place a Barrier you receive a heal.

Making Amends: Your heal-over-time effects are more effective.

Glimmer of Hope: Whenever you give a heal-over-time effect you have a chance to receive a heal yourself.

Vessel Walls: All your Chain abilities cause you to receive a Barrier which absorbs some incoming damage.

Clotting: Whenever you place a Barrier you receive an effect which increases the amount of damage your current Barrier can absorb. You also receive a stack of the Protection effect, which increases your Physical and Magical protection for several seconds. This effect can stack up to ten times.


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