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The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Savage Coastmore
Given by Daniel Bach, inside the Overlook Motel
Where in zone 724.6 842.1 y 150.2 3040


Tier 1
    • Close 3 unstable hellrifts.
    • Kill 13 Encroachers and Consecratrices.
Tier 2
  1. Kill 5 Annexing Angels and Rift Martyrs.
Tier 3
  1. Destabilise and close a minor hellrift.
    • Click the 3 demonic stabilisers around a hellrift.
    • Each click will bring 3 mobs.
    • Final mob.
    • Then click the center of a hellrift to disable it.


  • One of the following QL3 neck talismans:
    • Courage Under Fire Metal
    • Micro-Camera Pendant
    • Hell-Raiser Amulet

Video GuideEdit

The Secret World - Hell Hath No Vacancy03:06

The Secret World - Hell Hath No Vacancy

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