The Secret World mission information
Mission type Dungeon Dungeon mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Savage Coastmore
Given by Daniel Bach, inside the Overlook Motel
Where in zone 724.6 842.1 y 150.2 3040


Tier 1
  1. Enter the ominous door.
  2. Survey the surroundings.
  3. Search for Theodore Wicker.
  4. Kill the Hardwired Fleshtank.
  5. Press deeper into Hell.
  6. Get through the ruins.
  7. Defeat Recursia, Many-In-One.
  8. Climb the plateau.
  9. Destroy the Machine Tyrant.


  • 6670 Pax romanaSequin of solomon island.
  • The first time you finish it only, one of the following blue QL5 talismans:
    • Demon Dice (luck talisman)
    • Pentagram Buckle (waist talisman)
    • Goat's Hoof (occult talisman)


  • This mission brings you to the Hell Raised instance.
  • The mission will give an item reward only after your first completion. For any successive runs you will get the mission Into the Inferno Revisited which only grants the coin and token rewards.

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