The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Savage Coastmore
Given by Sam Krieg, top of the lighthouse
Where in zone 906.1 101.6 y 231.2 3040


Tier 1
  1. Examine the novel The Lighthouse.
    • On the table, in front of Sam Krieg.
  2. Kill 10 Svell Draug near the base of the lighthouse.
  3. Find a rusty shipwreck.
Tier 2
  1. Examine the novel The Undead.
    • Crate next to the shipwreck. 857.9 248.4 y 130.2 3040
  2. Kill 15 zombies along the bluff.
  3. Find a junkyard nearby.
Tier 3
  1. Examine the novel The Resident Horror.
    • Inside one of the cars. 661.4 256.7 y 143.2 3040
  2. Destroy the Resident Horror
  3. Explore the old, abandoned barn.
Tier 4
  1. Examine the novel Marked.
    • The corpse is holding it.
  2. Survive the barn attacks.
  3. Go to the abandoned house near the lighthouse.
Tier 5
  1. Examine the draft for The Hidden World
  2. Kill the Corrupted Secret Worlder near the house.


  • 10000 Pax romanaSequin of solomon island.
  • QL4 hammer, "Ballbreaker"

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