Secret Society Templars
Weapons Elementalism, Shotgun
Role Crowd Control

The Magus fits the term Full Spectrum Dominance like a glove. She is both maneuverable and able to dish out high amounts of damage with punishing critical hits. She can trap and Hinder groups of opponents and increase her entire team’s damage output through clever buffs.

The Deck uses both Elementalism and the Shotgun, and it can deal with almost any situation. It is good for solo play, where it has access to both strong crowd control and high damage abilities, but the deck is also excellent for team play, especially in all out damage races against powerful bosses.

Templar Elemental DPS Deck Name

Female Magus

Active AbilitiesEdit

Ignition: An Elementalism Strike attack which hits one target. Builds one Resource for each weapon.

Raging Bullet: A Shotgun Strike attack which hits one target. The attack deals more damage the closer the target is. Consumes all Shotgun Resources.

Flame Strike: An Elementalism Strike attack which hits one target. Consumes two Elementalism Resources.

Short Fuse: An Elementalism ability which gives the entire team a buff which increases damage for several seconds.

Coldwave: An Elementalism attack which hits several targets around you, Hindering them and rooting them to the ground for several seconds.

Kickback: A Shotgun ability which makes you Dash ten meters backwards. You do damage to every target hit on the way.

Whiteout: An Elementalism Elite attack which covers the ground in a snow storm which lasts for several seconds. All targets within the storm will get continuously hit and after sustaining five hits they get Hindered and rooted in place.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Violent Strikes: Increases the critical hit chance of your Strike attacks.

Social Dynamo: Whenever you do a critical hit with a Strike attack, all team members gain an effect which increases their critical hit chance for several seconds. This effect can stack up to five times.

Punisher: All your Strike abilities cause the target hit to become Weakened with an effect which causes it to do less damage for several seconds. This effect can stack up to ten times.

Gunsmoke: Whenever you make a target Weakened it takes an extra hit for extra damage.

Elemental Force: Every attack you make builds up a counter. When the counter reaches seven your next attack with automatically critically hit.

Final Fuse: Increases both the damage buff and duration of Short Fuse.

Live Wire: Every critical hit you do builds up a counter. When this counter reaches four, your next hit will do a high amount of extra damage.

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