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Martial Artist
Female martial artist
Secret Society Dragon
Weapons Blade, Chaos Magic
Role Tank

The Martial Artist is an elusive tanking master. She uses both Chaos Magic and Blades to Evade her enemies, and clever attacks so that they focus their Hate on her instead of her teammates. The Martial Artist has excellent defenses, and the effort needed to take her down is immense.

The Deck is made for tanking. It has very little damage output on its own, and is therefore best suited in a group. The Martial Artist uses Evades to avoid being hit, and with several such strong defenses to choose from the Deck is very good at tanking strong dungeon bosses.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Escalation: A Chaos Magic Frenzy attack which hits several targets in an area around you. The targets get Weakened and affected by a stack of the Exposed effect, which increases the damage they take for several seconds. This attack generates a lot of Hate. Builds one Resource for each weapon.

Reality Fracture: A Chaos Magic attack which hits several targets in an area around you each second for several seconds. This attack does increased damage against Weakened targets. This attack generates a lot of Hate. Consumes all Chaos Magic Resources.

Brandish: A Blade Focus attack which is channeled for a few seconds to do several hits to one target. The more Resources Consumed by this attack, the less damage you take from incoming attacks. Consumes all Blade Resources.

Chaotic Pull: A Chaos Magic attack which can target an enemy up to fifteen meters away. The attack pulls the target towards you.

Smoke and Mirrors: A Chaos Magic ability which greatly increases your Evade chance for several seconds.

Illusion: A Chaos Magic ability which greatly increases your Evade chance for several seconds.

Immutable: A Chaos Magic Elite ability which gives you an effect which makes you immune to death for a few seconds. If you are below 30% of your maximum health when this effect expires, you are healed by 10% of your maximum health.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Inevitability: Whenever a Weakened target attacks you, you have a chance to gain the Minor Evade Chance effect, which increases your Evade chance for several seconds.

Intensity: Whenever you hit a Weakened target with the Escalation attack, you gain the Minor Ward effect, which reduces damage done to you for several seconds.

Agitator: Greatly increases the Hate towards you caused by all abilities.

Master of Illusions: Increases both the Evade chance and duration of the effect granted by the Illusion ability.

Brandishing Support: Whenever you use the Brandish attack, you now also gain an effect which increases your Defense rating per resource spent. The cooldown on Brandish is reduced by several seconds.

Perserverance: All your Frenzy attacks also heal you for a small amount.

Prodigal: Increases your maximum health and reduces the duration of crowd control effects affecting you.


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