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"Before the Dragon came knocking my idea of chaos was a messy apartment." Mei reminiscing about her old life.

Before joining the Dragon, Mei lived a normal, boring, ordered life. However, she soon learned of the Secret World & felt it was her duty to join the war effort and the Dragon to protect her family and homeland Beijing. At some point she met Rose White, a member of the Templar order & the two had entered into a romantic relationship but at the time of the events of the game they seem to be on a break.

Mei was featured in the very first CGI trailer for The Secret World, The Firestarter, where she is attacked by a creature after making a refreshing strawberry drink.

Players have further interaction with her during the Tokyo Flashback vision, where she, along with her lover & Alex McCall, fought together to stop something called the filth from destroying Tokyo.

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