Male pandemonist
Male Pandemonist
Secret Society Dragon
Weapons Blood Magic, Elementalism
Role Damage

The Pandemonist combines the forces of Elementalism with Blood Magic to be a raging torrent of magical power on the battlefield. The Pandemonist is an excellent crowd control class, being able to Impair and Hinder large groups of enemies with roots and stuns. Keeping a safe distance from rooted foes, let loose wicked Chain attacks hitting all targets, as well as dealing brutal Critical hits and Afflicting punishing damage-over-time effects.

The Pandemonist Deck is good for fighting against groups of monsters both alone and in a team. It is however always crucial for the Pandemonist to be able to keep a distance from enemies due to a lack of defenses. In player-versus-player (PVP) combat, The Pandemonist can be excellent at trapping enemy players with ensnaring roots, allowing teammates to strike fiercly on helpless enemies.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Arc Flash: An Elementalism Chain attack which jumps between several targets, hitting all of them at once. Builds one resource for each weapon.

Electrical Storm: An Elementalism Chain attack which jumps between several targets, hitting all of them at once. Consumes three Elementalism Resources.

Infection: A Blood Magic Chain attack which jumps between several targets, hitting all of them at once. The attack Afflicts the targets with a damage-over-time effect. Any target which dies from this effect explodes for extra damage to nearby targets. Consumes three Blood Magic Resources.

Ice Manifestation: An Elementalism attack which creates an area of ice on the ground, hitting several targets several times and Hindering them a short while after each hit.

Anesthesia: A single target Blood Magic attack which Impairs the target and stuns it for several seconds.

Coldwave: An Elementalism attack which hits multiple targets around you, Hindering them and rooting them to the ground for several seconds.

Whiteout: An Elementalism Elite attack which covers the ground in a snow storm which lasts for several seconds. Several targets within the storm will get continuously hit and after sustaining five hits they get Hindered and rooted in place for a few seconds.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Chain Reaction: All Chain attacks Afflict the targets hit with a damage-over-time effect.

Criticality: All critical hits against Afflicted targets trigger a Chain attack which jumps between several targets, hitting all of them at once.

Elemental Force: Whenever you attack you build up a counter. When the counter reaches seven your next attack with automatically critically hit.

Splatter: All your Chain attacks can hit more targets and jump between targets in a greater radius.

Blood Bank: Whenever you Afflict a target you build up a stacking effect which increases the damage of all your damage-over-time effects. This effect can stack up to ten times.

Molecular Exploitation: Whenever you hit an Afflicted target you do an extra hit for extra damage.

Live Wire: All your Critical hits add to a counter of stacks. When the count reaches four, your next hit will do a high amount of extra damage.


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