The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Besieged Farmlandsmore
Given by Vampire Hunter, south of the Red Hand Bunker
Where in zone 543.0 1099.1 y 101.9 3120
Required mission(s) Test Run


Tier 1
  1. Investigate the farm.
  2. Find something to burn the rotting corpses with.
    • Gas can
  3. Burn the rotting corpses. (4 of them)
  4. Investigate the atrocious smell.
    • Target/click the Plague Herald.
  5. Kill the Plague Herald.
Tier 2
  1. Investigate the east field.
  2. Burn down a haystack.
  3. Make all the haystacks burn at once.
  4. Kill the Herald of Ashes.
Tier 3
  1. Investigate the nearby barn.
  2. Ignite an Inanimate Scarecrow. (4 of them)
  3. Destroy the Headless Terror.
Tier 4
  1. Investigate the burned farmhouse.
    • Mutilated corpse.
  2. Defeat the Herald of Sorrow.
  3. Pick up the Herald of Sorrow's feather. (? seconds)
  4. Search for the Herald of Sorrow.
    • Top floor of the westernmost barn.
  5. Complete the binding ritual.
  6. Kill the Herald of Sorrow.
    • The fight will reset if the Herald is dragged too far away from the pentagram.


  • 40000 Pax romanaSequin of transylvania.
  • Signet reward bag

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