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"So we fight. That's what us Templar's do." Rose, during the Tokyo attack.

Originally introduced during the CGI trailer, The Puritan and later the Templars, Rose White has become the poster child for the "new blood" of the Templars. A quiet, withdrawn, and intense 21 year old, she prefers the 21 centuries of traditions that the Templars hold to and follow.

Rose's vendetta against the Revenant is linked to a family tragedy [citation needed] and she is known to use both a relic with some sort of power as well as a gun.

Prior to the game it seems that Rose was romantically involved with Mei Ling, a member of the Dragon, though they seem to be on a break by the time of the main game [? citation needed]. She also seems to be friends with Alex McCall, given the friendly banter between the two during the Tokyo Flashback.

Players have further interaction with her during the Tokyo Flashback vision.

Rose has an in-universe Facebook account which shows certain character traits.


   Long walks in the dark. 
   Spilling the blood of evil. 
   Fuzzy sweaters 


   Nouveau secret societies. 
   People who assume I'm too cute to kill them. 


   Blood line research. 
   Modifying shotgun barrels.

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