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The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone Kingsmouth Townmore
Given by Ellis Hill, Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
Where in zone (900, 700)


Tier 1
Runaway lights airport map

Map showing the corridors and tunnel entrances under the airfield.

  1. Objective: Examine the airport blueprints on the wall.
    • If you turn the blueprints upside down you get the image on the right.
  2. Objective: Check the wiring in passage one.
    • Avoid the electrified water, for obvious reasons
    • Entrance located at (851, 972)
Tier 2
  1. Objective: Check the wiring in passage two.
    • Entrance located at (855, 800)
Tier 3
  1. Objective: Check the wiring in passage three.
    • The entrance is at (874, 763
    • The water is toxic, however you can walk in the clearer areas.
Tier 4
  1. Objective: Check the wiring in passage four.
    • Go to entrance at (918, 760)
Tier 5
  1. Objective: Go to the generator room.
    • Use the easternmost tunnel on the northern side of the runway to get there, at around (1007, 746)
  2. Objective: Destroy the Circuit Breaker.


  • 10000 Pax romanaBlack bullion.
  • One of the following QL3 finger talismans:
    • Gold Band
    • Carthage Ring
    • Sailor's Knot

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