Skills in The Secret World refer to a character's skill rank with the various weapons in game. Increasing skill ranks enables you to use weapons and talismans of higher quality levels. Equipping gear of higher quality is necessary to be able to fight stronger monsters (low level weapons have more chances to glance against high level encounters). You increase skill ranks in a specific weapon or talisman type by purchasing ranks in one of its associated Skill Feats. Each of these Feats grants you passive abilities that will be automatically applied to your character as long as a weapon of that type is equipped.


  • Melee
    • Fists - Damage and Healing
    • Blades - Damage and Survivability
    • Hammers - Damage and Survivability
  • Ranged
  • Magic
    • Elementalism - Damage and Support
    • Blood Magic - Damage and Healing
    • Chaos - Damage and Survivability
  • Talismans
    • Head Talisman
    • Major Talisman - made up of the Finger, Neck, and Wrist talismans.
    • Minor Talisman - made up of the Luck, Waist, and Occult talismans.

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