Sleight of Hand - Active Ability - Removes all crowd control effects and makes you immune to further crowd control effects for a short time.

Unfair Advantage - Passive Ability - Increases all healing received by a small amount

Turn the Tables - Active Ability - A self heal that is not affected by healing power

Cannonball - Passive Ability - Whenever you activate a movement ability, your mitigation is increased by a short time.

Speed Freak - Active Ability - Significantly increases your movement speed for a short time. Cleanses and prevents hinders for the duration.

Tenacity - Passive Ability - Whenever you are in impaired or hindered states, you are healed for a small amount.

Last Resort - Active Ability - You become immune to all damage and are healed, but are unable to use any abilities for a short time. Your mitigation is increased for a short time afterwards.

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