The Secret World mission information
Mission type Investigation Investigation mission (not repeatable)
Starting zone Kingsmouth Townmore
Given by Henry Hawthorne, inside the church
Where in zone 283.3 475.0 y 146.1 3030


Tier 1
  1. Follow Illuminati symbols.
  1. Examine the plaque on the ground.
Tier 2
  1. Find the location referenced in the message.
    • If you do this step wrong you are sent on a detour before you can continue as normal. (I don't know how to edit or comment on this...but what detour? DETAILS!!!)
Tier 3
  1. Find the next hidden location.
  1. Enter the basement.
Tier 4
  1. Use the computer.
Tier 5
  1. Where do you collect these? That would be some helpful information.
    • Collect the Phoenix artifact.
    • Collect the Pyramid artifact.
    • Collect the Eye artifact.


  • 6670 Pax romanaSequin of solomon island.

Video GuideEdit

★ The Secret World ★ - The Kingsmouth Code07:42

★ The Secret World ★ - The Kingsmouth Code

Kingsmouth Code

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