The Secret World mission information
Mission type Action Action mission (repeatable)
Starting zone The Savage Coastmore
Given by Annabel Usher, Innsmouth Academy, Administration
Where in zone 307.6 371.4 y 145.0 3040


Tier 1
  1. Kill 5 Sparring Partners.
    • Found on the Academy grounds outside .
Tier 2
    • Kill 5 Class of '67 spectres
    • Kill 10 Object Lessons.
Tier 3
    • Kill 3 Old School spectres.
    • Kill 7 Corrective Familiars.
Tier 4
  1. Investigate the Rec Center.
    • Find a way to kill the Flesh Clump
      • Pick up a can of Gasoline from the spectators' stand.
    • Kill 10 Unfinished Familiars
Tier 5
  1. Burn the Flesh Clump.
    • Click the Flesh Clump, and it will start to run in circles around the play field, and at intervals stop and spawn Unfinished Familiars.


  • 12500 Pax romanaSequin of solomon island.
  • QL4 talisman toolkit.

Video GuideEdit

The Secret World - The Rec Center Cannot Hold06:40

The Secret World - The Rec Center Cannot Hold

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